Cupre Front.png

A prepaid card for the people prepaid cards are for. 

The increasing popularity of prepaid cards had issuing banks attaching fees and requirements that ultimately isolated their original target market. Along came CUPRE. CUPRE offers people of modest means an increasingly overlooked target, a way to handle their finances without relying on banks. This product launch was a career highlight; it began began with market research to understand the needs of the population, naming the product, designing the logo and card, and took off from there. It’s not often that you have the opportunity to market a brand that is designed for the sole intent of service rather than profit. It’s good work designed to do good work...what could be better? 

The prepaid card demographic is part of the most overlooked demo in the country. We let these people know we wanted to do something about that. And that’s why we created a card for them.

The ins and outs of designing a piece of direct mail that holds a payment card are quite delicate. I worked with the printing plant to optimize design for the consumer as well as cost for the client.

Saturating the web with banners that spoke to different card benefits was not only effective in terms of click through rates, it's an excellent example of "in-market" testing; letting us know which messages resonated with different audiences in real time.

Our demographic relies heavily on public transportation so out of home is a natural fit. We put together a comprehensive plan so that the messages people saw worked in tandem to solidify the brand promise.