A story you've never been told in a style you've never seen. 
After writing the award-wining script, I spearheaded production from development through distribution. After winning top prizes at national and international festivals for writing, directing, acting, and 'best picture' DADDY ISSUES received a nation-wide theatrical release before streaming on Netflix, Amazon, and Video On-Demand. 

The official poster design is optimized for iTunes, Netflix, Amazon (etc...). Two versions were created for A/B testing and to target different audiences. These beautiful posters were shot by Gaia Garlaschelli.


The main character is an artist whose illustrations are featured throughout the film. We developed these original works with illustrator Maria Ferreira Kercher to punctuate particular moments in the film. They're now used for promotional opportunities and merchandising.

To avoid the prohibitive cost for the rights to the songs we originally intended to use, we sourced and worked with a talented young composing team to create an original soundtrack. The audience response has been outstanding and the soundtrack album will soon be available on iTunes.

Right from go, we’ve successfully resonated our main demographic: 15-25 young adults primarily in the LGBTQ community. And it’s thrilling to see the film perform strongly beyond its target, appealing to indie film fans and cinephiles of all ages, ethnicities, and sexual preference.

The artwork is mirrored in the movie's contemporary and sophisticated original fashions.

The optics are compelling: a 19 year old queer emo pixie artist, a sexually fluid fashion designer, an abundance of visually striking original art work, and a stunning color palate are all captured and promoted on Instagram. Our account has 14,000 followers with impressive levels of engagement and organic growth.

Read my award winning script. ®Under 1 Roof Productions, WGA