Toss me that litter!
When the concept was presented, the line "toss me that litter" immediately came to me and, In the spirit of litter, everything flowed from there: After the spot premiered the line was trending on Twitter for days. The campaign's 360 elements were highlighted by a 14 million + viewed collaboration with "Dude Perfect."  Sales were heavy duty, making Lightweight Purina's most successful brand launch to date.

The image on the left side was on the interior front of various pubs and the image on the right the interior back.

Who would've thought a cat litter could launch a trending hashtag?

Nature called.
On the briefing call, they kept reinforcing the importance of the ingredient combination: "cedar, pine and corn..." to me, that sounded like the name of a folk band. So I created one, wrote their songs, and cheered as Pure Nature became  a sweet smelling success, 
This didn't stink.
For the "No More PU" campaign, I led an inter-agency group of over 50 people,  The results: more than 55 million media impressions, over 90 local news stories, nearly 2 million Twitter impressions and increased followers by 137%.

The "PU Patrol" drove a branded garbage truck across the country taking the every day stinks out of people's lives by doing things like filling up their gas tanks, giving them tickets to sporting events, and cleaning up neighborhood parks and pools. Consumers followed on twitter to see where they'd show up next.

This campaign was Purina's first OOH for a major brand. I wanted the headlines to relate specifically to the billboard's location and wrote over 60 different lines to make sure the message always resonated.

#lifestinks innundated twitter for months as the campaign rolled out across the nation.