This is one of the first big campaigns I created. I remember, when the concept was being presented (as a drawing). Of course I wasn't allowed in the meeting, so I stood outside the conference room door and listened to the CD set it up by casually saying, "Oh and here's something by one of our most junior teams." A few months later these ads were all over Times Square....Cheers to that.
For those in the O.
Big-ass-bottle ads don't have to be boring.
Jamaican me thirsty.

Web Banner on sports websites during baseball season.

Reaching for it.
The Jetset Junket was an extremely effective promotional campaign that helped solidify the brand's place as a looking glass into a glitz and glam world. Due to its success, our team at Source Marketing was given the opportunity to work on the launch materials for the luxury vodka, SKYY90.