Coming of age.
For 60 AND PREGNANT I worked with Emmy Award winner Ben Zelevansky, to write and direct this parody of the MTV hit 16 AND PREGNRANT. With over 2 million views it lives on as one Funny or Die's most viewed user-generated videos.
I developed and wrote for this popular multi-episodic webseries, sponsored by Tidy Cats, starring Rachael Harris.
The comedy in everyday tragedy.
I was a writer, producer, voice-over talent, and audio editor for the highly acclaimed Unleashed animated comedy podcast. The show, which aired original episodes every week for more than two years, was a featured pick on YouTube and iTunes, reaching as high as #16 in Top Comedy podcasts.
Hollywood: It's a jungle out here.


This guy's got lines
A favorite scene from my award-winning script.
In tune with nature.
All of this award-winning branded entertainment series is really funny...but this little vignette is my favorite. If you want to watch them all, head over to the Purina Tidy Cats page.
Oddly secure.
A clip from one of my favorite pieces, the short film, MICHELE: the bizarre story about a woman who lives, strictly, by a code of her own making